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Regular member annual dues are $200 per year + $50 initiation fee. 

Annual membership is valid for 12 months from date of application/renewal. The initiation fee is waived for Active Military and full time Law Enforcement Personnel.

Junior memberships** are available for those 18 years of age and under for $20 per year.
Student memberships** are available for full-time students of any age for $50 dues per year.

**Student and Junior members are limited and do not have the same privileges and access as regular Annual members.

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To RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP, you can come to the Range on public days and renew in person with range personnel, or you can renew your membership online and PAY RENEWAL ONLINE HERE 

Annual membership is valid for 12 months from date of application/renewal. 

All RENEWAL MEMBERSHIPS must complete the Membership Renewal Form and either mail it to WCGC or drop if off at the club. 

Print Membership Renewal Form: HERE


Winchester Canyon Gun Club: Hunter Education

Hunter Education Classes are available throughout the state.
For details see

Winchester Canyon Gun Club:  Target Schematics

Click here to download the Pistol and Rifle Target Stand Schematics .pdf


For instruction at WCGC, contact: Mike Morrison or Phone # 805-964-5606

Winchester Canyon Gun Club:  NEW Membership Application Information   Join now

For WCGC membership information or questions please contact: Membership Chair:
NO lifetime memberships are available at this time.

1. Click Here  to download, fill out, and sign the New Membership Application form. Please fill out the form by typing on your computer rather than writing or printing by hand. It's easier to read that way.

2.  Choose Payment method - check or money order - no cash. You can pay online with a credit card at JOIN NOW  just submit the payment receipt with your application.

3. Mail Membership Application and payment to: 

P.O. BOX 30175
Santa Barbara, CA 93130-0175

4. Wait (see below).  After WCGC receives and approves your signed membership application you will receive your membership card. A New Member Orientation must be complete prior to membership approval. 

Frequently asked Questions and Answers

Q. Who may become a member of the Winchester Canyon Gun Club?
A. Article 3.01 of our club bylaws states:  Any person who agrees with the objectives of this Club and is willing to give a share of his or her time toward the fulfillment of these objectives, may be considered for membership.

Q. What are the benefits of becoming a member?
A. There are several benefits to membership in the WCGC. Perhaps the most important is that, subject to certain restrictions, a qualified  member may shoot at the Club's ranges and fields any time between sunrise and sunset seven days a week, 361 days a year. There is NO SHOOTING ON SOLSTICES AND EQUINOXES (4 days per year) based on our agreement with the USFS and the Chumash. In addition, when the Club is open to the public, members can shoot at fees that are substantially lower than those charged the general public. Members also participate in the various events at reduced rates.

Q. What levels of membership are available in the WCGC?
A. The Club has several levels of membership. Each has the same basic privileges when the club is open to the public. Only regular annual, senior and life members have access to the club when it's not open to the public and may vote in club elections. All memberships valid for one year from the date you join. Download the application above for details.

Q. What is the requirement for this Senior discount?
A. The Club allows Senior annual members to renew for only $10. To qualify a Senior must have attained the age of 80 years and have been an annual member for at least the most recent 5 year period. 

Q. Is there an initiation fee??
A. Yes. But, it is waived or reduced for some membership levels.
Download the application above for details.

Q. Is there a special deal for Active Military or Law Enforcement Officers?
A. YES!  Download the application from the link above for details.

Q. How do I go about becoming a member of the WCGC?
A. Membership is controlled under Article III of the Club's Bylaws.
3.02. Application for Club membership shall be made on printed or electronic forms provided.
3.03. The Board must approve all memberships

 As a practical matter, the above requires the following steps be followed:

1. Obtain an Application for NEW Membership Form. These are available from several sources. At the top of this page is a PDF link to  an "active" form that you can type into and then print. Hard copies are available at most local gun stores and from the Rangemaster or Trapmaster when the Club is open to the public.

2. Fill out the application - We prefer that you type into the active form. If you use a hard copy, PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY - sign it, and return it with a check or money order for the required fee to the Club. Mail the completed application and a check or money order for the fees due to the Club at the address printed at the top of the form.

Please note that the fee due with an application for regular annual membership consists of two parts - the annual dues, which are pro-rated, and  an Initiation Fee which is not pro-rated. Consult the table on the form to determine the total fee due.

IMPORTANT: As stated at the top of the application, the fees due MUST accompany an application for it to be processed.
Also, BOTH the application and disclaimer
MUST be signed.
Please include an
EMAIL address that you check frequently. We will use the email as our primary means of communication.

Q. OK, I've sent in my application, how long before I receive my membership?
A. This is all a matter of timing. It can vary from about 2 weeks to about 4 weeks.

As stated above, the Bylaws require that all memberships be approved by the Board of Directors, which meets on the second Tuesday of each month. The following procedure is used to process an application for membership:

1. Each application is reviewed and an email is sent to the proposed member explaining the next step in the process. This can take up to 2 weeks from date of submission, usually sooner. The club conducts most of it's business correspondence via email.

2. The applicant shall attend a New Member Orientation at the club. As part of the orientation, the applicant must demonstrate a proficiency in the safe handling of firearms. Range management has sole discretion at the evaluation of an applicants safe weapon handling skill. Applicants who are proficient in the safe handling of firearms will be presented for Board Approval. Any applicant who doesn't possess the safe firearms handling skills to the satisfaction of Range Management will be provided with additional instruction in the safe handling of firearms and must demonstrate safe firearms handling skills before being approved for membership.

3. If approved, and level of membership eligible, you should receive the notice of acceptance, gate combination and membership card in less than 1 week following board approval.

Q. What can I do to assure that my application will be approved, and my membership will arrive as soon as possible?
A. The most important things that you can do  are to fill out your application completely and legibly, and include the proper fees when you mail it to our P.O. Box. Use the active PDF - sign both the application and disclaimer; include proper fees in a check or money order. Be sure to include a valid email address. The club doesn't mail new member orientation information and membership cards.

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