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Winchester Canyon Gun Club:  Shotgun Days and Hours

TRAP & SKEET FIELDS: 3 Trap Fields and World Class Skeet Field. Adjacent to Trap #1 is an area for shotgun training, youth instruction, and hunter education. Open to the public: Saturday, Sunday & Wednesdays: 9:00AM - 3:30PM
For Instruction at Winchester Canyon Gun Club, Please contact Mike Foster -

For dates and times, see our Events Calendar below!

WCGC Shotgun Sports goes Green! We are proud to now be throwing White Flyer Bios as our primary targets.  These targets contain no harmful materials and will breakdown naturally in 2 years or less. Only non-toxic shot on all of our shotgun fields.

Sporting Clays: The Sporting Clays Fun Shoot scheduled for Sat. Dec. 7 is postponed to Sun. Dec. 15 due to inclement weather.
Registration starts at 8:00 AM and shooting at 9:00 AM. Late registration until 10:00 AM. $90 includes 12/20 gauge ammo and a BBQ Tri-tip lunch. Prizes for high overall and top 3 per class. If you bring your own steel shot, factory ammo, take $30 off.

Summer Trap League: Starting in April, Mini-Trap League, Fridays at 3:00PM. Contact Mike for more information.
Thursdays 5:00 PM. Contact Sally for more information.

5-Stand Trap: Join us the 1st Saturday (odd months) and 3rd Sunday.

TRAP is a shotgun sport in which each shooter will shoot 5 shotgun shells from each of 5 stations. The stations are set in an arc from 16 to 30 yards behind the target launcher which is hidden below ground level in a concrete "trap house." The shooters rotate from from left to right until each shooter has attempted 5 targets from each station.. The object is to break as many targets as possible.

The shots are fired at clay targets which are thrown horizontally approximately 15 feet above ground level by an automated machine at oscillating angles within a 60 degree arc. A "round" of trap consists of 25 shots and takes about 20 minutes for five shooters to complete.

Wobble Trap is a more difficult variation of trap, where the targets vary in both angle and elevation.

In Doubles Trap two targets are launched simultaneously and a round consists of 10 shots from each station for a total of 50 targets. Both regular Trap and Wobble Trap are shot on a daily basis during the regular operating hours of the Club. Doubles Trap is available upon request and the concurrence of the Trapmaster.

SKEET is a shotgun sport originally designed to simulate hunting. Each shooter will fire a total of 25 shells from 8 different positions, known as "STATIONS". The stations are permanently set in a semi-circle and the shooters rotate from one station to the next. The shots are fired at clay targets thrown by automated machines from a stationary "HIGH HOUSE" on the shooters left and a stationary "LOW HOUSE" on the shooters right. The shooter will shoot at single targets approximately 12 feet above ground level from each "HOUSE" and double targets where the targets are thrown at the same time from each HOUSE approximately 20 yards in front of the shooter. The object is to break as many targets as possible for score. A "round" of SKEET consists of 25 shots and takes approximately 30 minutes for a SQUAD of 5 people to complete. Skeet is shot on a daily basis during operating hours of the Club. However, the SKEET field is closed on days when Sporting Clays is scheduled.

SPORTING CLAYS is a more varied shotgun sport designed to simulate hunting. Each participant shoots up to 10 shells at various style targets from a position known as a "STATION". The targets are thrown at various speeds and angles away from, over and in front of the shooter. Numbered stations are set-up in various natural terrain areas to comprise a "SPORTING CLAYS COURSE". The event is normally100 targets. But, one can optionally shoot 50 targets in lieu of the full event. The object is to break as targets as possible. SPORTING CLAYS is normally a full day event in order to accommodate as many shooters as possible at a comfortable pace. See the events calendar for days when SPORTING CLAYS is scheduled.

5-STAND combines the difficulty and varied targets of SPORTING CLAYS with the compact field layout of trap. 25 targets comprise a "round." 5 targets are attempted at each of 5 stations called "stands." See the events calendar for days when 5-Stand Trap is scheduled.

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